Joe Scarr


Joe Scarr has been interested in visual effects since 1990 and is very excited with the possibilities and developments available today.

He began his film career in 2006 at The Orphanage in San Francisco and over the years he has worked at CafeFX, Sony Pictures, Uncharted Territory, ShadowPlay Studios, Prime Focus, ScanlineVFX, and many freelance projects.

At ScanlineVFX he spent seven years creating effects, leading the FX team, helping build the FX pipeline, and supervising FX on multiple films.

Currently, he enjoys working on exciting new projects, developing VFX tools and opportunities, and helping support the Thinking Particles community.  He is also a big fan of Houdini and other VFX technologies.

Joe Scarr helped create and supervise many of the effects found on the ScanlineVFX 2016 FX Reel.

Thinking Particles for Production 1.0

A comprehensive course for Thinking Particles created by Joe Scarr and Goran Pavles.

His FX reel from 2009...