Eloi Andaluz

Im a passionate person for all type of digital art. I studied in Barcelona Technich architecture, with a master in structural analysis and studies in solar energy. But as soon as I start my career I discovered 3dsmax in 2002. I get amazed with the possibilities and I was dedicating 4-6 hours after my architecture studies to self learning the program.

During the first years I was learning a little everything, modelling, texturing, animation, composition, texturing, so I get a global generalist base. At the beginning I mix this new 3d knowledge with my architecture career, working on multiple studios for archviz, creating still and animated walkthroughs, but after some years I switch for more creative uses of 3d, moving to different companies, and also as a freelance with andvfx.com creating Mappings, interactive installation and rock show videos around the world. Since 2014 I joined ScanlineVFX in Vancouver where I work creating different Fx for films, while I do technical direction consultation and tools for different companies.

One of my strenghts are all type of simulations, I joined TP as a betatester around 2010, helping to find bugs and pushing the tool for better workflows and more flexibility, I liked how TP let me combine my creativity with my technical skills in an easy way, and I will try to help other people discover the possibilities of TP and max on this portal.



-Webpage:  andvfx.com

-Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/eloiandaluz

-Contact:  hi@andvfx.com