$40.00 USD

Razor, a production proven tool for cutting geometry in 3DS Max.

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Razor is a tool built specifically around an artist’s needs in production. With the ability to fully restore objects, specific changes from the client can easily be addressed without spending hours re-cutting geometry.

The use of hotkeys allows for a very efficient and more fluid workflow for cutting, taking away unnecessary clicks and mouse re-positioning. With a simple interface, Razor is easy to learn, easy to use, and allows the artist to spend time being creative rather than messing around with options.

Razor Features Include :
– Hand drawn cuts, allowing for complete control over the shape of your destruction.
– Auto Cutting to break up objects quickly when specific control isn’t needed.
– A full recovery for all objects at any time. You can always go back and make adjustments to specific pieces while developing your simulation. You can even go all the way back to the original object if you want to.

– Hotkeys for Cutting, Auto Cutting, and Recovery functions allow for a smooth and efficient workflow.
– A custom Normal based Noise that helps avoid boolean errors and make the cleanest cuts possible.
– Rift cutting options.
– Layered Max Noises.
– Advanced error checks to make sure the cut geo is clean.
– Cut over multiple objects, maintaining all relationships and properties.




 Razor’s first use in production was for the upcoming Rampage movie, used by multiple artist at ScanlineVFX Vancouver.