FastCutter Pro


The ultimate artistic hand-cutting modeling tool for 3ds Max.  Used in over 30 major Hollywood feature films.


FastCutter is an artistic mesh-cutting for 3ds Max, developed in 2006 and 2007 to help the hand-cutting of thousands of pieces of geometry in the road destruction sequence for “2012”.  Since then it has been used in dozens of Hollywood films and other independent projects.

The beauty of FastCutter is its speed and artistic control – the cuts are applied exactly as you draw them and there is an “auto-cut” mode to quickly apply the cut after drawing.  
It works by hand-drawing “cutting splines” that are extruded and applying noise modifiers, and includes various other options and an Undo function.  You can also pick specific objects as the Cutter or Source and apply the cuts.
It can cut multiple objects at once and the Pro version includes the option to update the noise parameter per cut-object for a nice staggered offset cut appearance.
FastCutter works especially well to prepare geometry for Thinking Particles destruction shots, and can also be used for creative mesh modeling.
*Note that some features shown in demonstration videos may currently be in development.
To see the current feature set go to this Documentation page

FastCutter will be available in a Pro and Lite version:

FastCutter Pro

Contains the complete toolset, including:

  • Fast and easy cutting
  • Undo function
  • "Rift" cutting
  • One year of technical support
  • Free Upgrade to version 2.0
  • Auto-Cut option
  • Save custom cutting settings
  • Noise setting updates per cut
  • Pre- and Post-Cut options
  • Layer Isolator tool
  • Make MultiMaterial tool

FastCutter Lite

Free cutting tool with limited options:

  • Fast and easy cutting
  • Undo function
  • "Rift" cutting
  • No technical support

FastCutter is an evolving product and features may change without notice. 

You are encouraged to backup your installer files in order to maintain specific versions.


Currently, FastCutter Pro has been tested with 3ds Max 2017 and 2018.  Other versions may require some debugging.


FastCutter Pro is licensed using a node-locked mechanism.  

When purchased, you will download and run a utility script in 3ds Max and email us the code. 

We then send you your copy of FastCutter. 

Once a license is locked to a node it cannot be changed.

Examples of FastCutter in action:


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