TreeRigging with TP6 part1

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Learn advanced Thinking Particles techniques by rigging a fully procedural tree simulation system.

Author: Goran Pavles




Join me in the adventure of rigging a complex tree system with Thinking Particles. It’s a scenario that might feel overwhelming at first, but breaking it down into smaller challenges, we will see how we can master any scenario.
This fairly complex system demands knowledge of different aspects of Thinking Particles and a creative mindset to find solutions where one wouldn’t expect them.
A perfect way to learn how to work with TP and how to find your way around obstacles in 3D by using logic, math and procedural thinking. This course will solidify your Thinking Particles skills.
In this first part, we will look at how we can work with a collapsed 3D tree model containing thousands of polygons in one mesh. We separate it into it’s different elements like trunk, branches and leaves. We’ll also have a look at how we can use data from the tree to create the procedural rig, which can simulate the motion of branches with bones.  The system will be able to break off branches and make the tree interact with other objects in the environment.
Finally we will look at how we can export the simulated data back into Max and skin our original mesh, so we have a nice deforming tree.