Thinking Particles Chain Tool Course


Complete course to create a chain tool. Learning multiple TP techniques and new TP 6.5 features.


In this course our main objective is to create a Tool to create Chains.

We will go to all steps necesary inside Thinking Particles to distribute chains over multiple shapes, how to rotate them accordingly. We will have a strong focus on bullet and some techniques to have a total stable simulation.

Possibilities to fix end or start of every chain, and how to use modulus to fix each “x” number of chain links procedurally.

We will check some new features in TP 6. 5 like Custom Attributes, we will use them to define when a chain link will be attach to a helper and when will be deattach, thanks to this new system we will be able to define this timings per object. Also will redo the system to break based on a helper position.

Another cool node we will look at is Geomcontact to create joints based on contact position. Our chain will be attached to any closest object on the scene.

Finally we will wrap it up, creating a tool to be used for someone without TP knowledge.

With all tutorials, over 4 hours of content, you get also the final tool, and I included all max scenes and also some bonus scenes where I use this tool in different scenarios.


Once you purchase this product you will have all time acces to tutorials and Scene Files. Tutorials are only available to watch Online.